Fidelis™ Stage Cementer

The Fidelis™ stage cementer is a precision-built, multiple-stage cementing tool constructed to enable placement of cement in stages. After the cementing operations are completed and the internal sleeves are closed, the tool is designed to withstand the cyclic loading from geomechanical stresses throughout the life of the well to help maintain wellbore integrity. The tool’s functional purpose is specifically for cementing operation, but the resiliency of the tool contributes to wellbore integrity during the cumulative stresses of later well events, such as well testing, injection and stimulation treatments, and production cycling.


  • Internal sleeves are housed within the body of the tool
  • Dual lock rings on the closing sleeve latch into the outer case and lock the tool closed after completion of the second cementing stage, retaining structural integrity
  • Two large sets of packer type seal rings are used to seal the ports using a special compound for long-term sealing capacity
  • Improved sealing allows for higher pressure operations
  • PDC-drillable seats are sequentially locked together and secured to the stationary lower body of the cementer to help prevent rotation during drill out.

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