External Sleeve (ES) Cementers

Two field-proven cementers for most vertical wells

Halliburton’s External Sleeve (ES) stage cementers have recorded remarkable field results since their introduction in the early 1990s, achieving a success rate of 99.99%. Two types are offered: the Type-P ES cementer and the Type-H ES stage cementer.

Type-P ES cementers can be used in most vertical wells, regardless of depth, pressure or temperature. (Note: Because they are equipped with free-fall opening plugs, Type-P ES cementers should not be used in wells deviated more than 30 degrees from vertical.) Type-P ES cementers are available in casing sizes ranging from 4.5 in. to 20 in. Standard case material grade is L-80 steel, and other casing grades and premium threads can be provided at the customer's request.

Features of the Type-P ES cementer include:

  • Plug operated
  • PDC drillable
  • Smooth-bore drillout
  • Single-piece mandrel
  • Adjustable operating pressure

Type-H ES cementers are hydraulically opened stage cementers that can be used in most wells, regardless of depth, pressure or temperature. Although the Type-H ES cementer includes a free-fall plug and operates much like a Type-P ES cementer, it can also be opened with internal casing pressure after the first-stage shutoff plug lands. This design feature saves time by eliminating the need for dropping a free-fall plug from the surface. Halliburton recommends adding a baffle adapter in the casing string above the float collar to help ensure proper seating of the first-stage shutoff plug.

Features of the Type-H ES cementer include:

  • Hydraulically opened
  • PDC drillable
  • Smooth bore drillout
  • Single piece mandrel
  • Adjustable operating pressure

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External Sleeve (ES) Cementers

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Summary Summary External Sleeve (ES) Cementers
Can be used in most vertical wells, but should not be used in wells deviated more than 30° from vertical when using a free-fall opening plug.
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