SSR® Subsurface Release Five Wiper Cementing Plug System

Uses a subsea wellhead for cementing operations from a floating or fixed platform

Halliburton's subsurface release (SSR) cementing plug system gives offshore operators a proven means of executing cementing operations. After installing the SSR cementing plug set in the top joint of a casing string, the installation tool and the casing string are lowered on a drillpipe string, then landed and sealed in the subsea wellhead on the ocean floor. When the tool and string have landed, the well can be circulated before cementing operations.

The bottom SSR plug is released ahead of the cement by a weighted plastic ball dropped down the drillstring. The ball lands on a seat of the bottom plug, releasing the bottom SSR casing plug. When the bottom SSR plug lands on the float collar, a bypass mechanism allows the cement to pump around the ball.

After all the cement has been mixed and pumped into the drillpipe, a releasing dart is launched from the surface to wipe the drillpipe ID and release the top SSR casing plug. The drillpipe plug latches and seals in the top SSR plug. The top SSR plug is then pumped to a pressure shutoff on the float collar.

Standard SSR plugs and NR SSR plugs are available in top or top-and-bottom plug sets for casing sizes ranging between 7 in. and 20 in. Drillpipe releasing darts are available for use with drillpipe of various size, including 4 ½ in., 5 in., 5 ½ in., and 6 5/8 in. NR plug sets also are available for 9 5/8 in . by 10 ¾ in. combination casing strings. Combination plug sets that meet individual requirements are available on request. SSR plug sets are available with aluminum, plastic, and composite plug inserts. Plastic and composite plug sets can be drilled with standard, bi-center PDC or rock bits, while aluminum insert plug sets should be drilled only with roller-cone rock bits.

Top SSR plugs are available in standard and NR designs from 7 in. through 20 in.

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SSR® Subsurface Release Five Wiper Cementing Plug System

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