Stop Collars

Keep centralizers and other casing attachments in place on the casing

Stop collars are available in hinged and slip-on styles and can fit 23/8- to 30-in.-size pipe.

Friction-style hinged stop collarFriction-style stop collars (200 series) feature a draw-bolt to force the stop collar to grip the casing. If the clearance is not adequate to allow the stop collar to pass, use a setscrew type (212) stop collar. Verify clearance between stop collar OD and hole ID when ordering. Install the stop collar by latching it around the casing and torquing the allen-head bolt to approximately 25 to 35 ft-lb.

Features of the 200 series stop collars include:

  • The hinged stop collar is designed to hold up to 7,000 lb. of force when properly installed.
  • The hinged design enables easy installation to casing.
  • Friction stop collars should perform adequately in normal well conditions.

Set-screw (212 slip-on/202 hinged series) style stop collars use set screws for increased holding force. After the collar is placed and centered on the pipe, install a nail through the open hinge, bend the nail, then tighten the set screws uniformly to approximately 25 to 35 ft-lbf. The hinged set-screw stop collar is designed to hold up to 15,000 lb of force. The hinged design is for applications on upset tubing. These stop collars are available in slip-on for tight clearances and hinged for semi-tight clearances.

FASGRIP (204 series) stop collars are hinged stop collars that use hardened inserts (dogs) to provide a positive lock onto the casing. The specially designed dogs bite into the casing, which provides the stop collar's strong holding force. The recommended torque on the bolt is approximately 25 to 35 ft-lb. When properly installed, the hinged FASGRIP stop collar can provide a holding force up to 40,000 lb.

The slip-on stop collar with set screws is slipped onto the end of casing and up to the top of the joint to the desired location. The set screws are tightened to approximately 35 ft-lbf. This style of stop collar can hold forces up to 20,000 lb. They are designed for close-tolerance liner jobs as well as in the installation of cement baskets and cetralizers of different designs. This style stop collar is available in 3 1/2-in. to 30-in. casing sizes.

Stop Collars

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