The Protech™ Centralizer Family of Products


Deep, hot, and highly deviated or horizontal well sections, sticking and wear are just some of the complications operators are now facing when running and landing casing to depth. Add to that, new and unusual applications such as slimhole, multi-lateral or abrasive environments and the need for versatile and robust casing attachments is more essential than ever before. Halliburton’s Protech™ centralizer family of casing attachments provide a unique solution to casing centralization that utilizes the latest resin, carbon fiber and ceramic technologies to apply wear resistant and/or flow enhancing centralizers, deflectors or protectors directly to customer tubulars. Protech centralizers have been deployed in deepwater, extended reach, and slimhole wells around the world with excellent results.


The Protech Centralizer Family of Products Includes:

  • The Protech™ Flex centralizer – specifically for use in deep and ultra-deep water; rated for up to 880 psi shear strength.
  • The Protech™ SL centralizer – for use in shelf and deep water; rated for up to 530 psi shear strength.
  • Protech CRB® centralizer – for use with casing
  • Protech DRB® centralizer – for use with drill pipe.

The Protech Centralizer Family of Products Features:

  • Non API rated
  • Customized blades consist of carbon fiber ceramic material bonded directly onto customer's casing
  • Blade geometry and spacing designed to fit specific well applications
  • Can be installed on any grade of pipe including CRA alloys
  • Patented bonding process helps assure a strong mechanical bond with high adhesion value
  • Provides centralization option for close tolerance wellbores
  • Provides smooth, uninterrupted fluid flow during mud circulation and cement placement due to the absence of any banded product placed around the casing;  Helps enable full-coverage cement slurry distribution Composite material exhibits extreme abrasion and impact resistance
  • Ideal for deviated sections of borehole as material combined with the upset edge of the blade geometry provides a low coefficient of friction
  • Field proven technology
  • Blade material is inert and thus is CO2 and H2S resistant
  • A high thermal degradation temperature and excellent impact resistance at -25°F (-32°C)
  • Successfully used in both conventional and slim profile wells
  • Blade applications are usually performed in a Halliburton facility or in a pipe yard where customer's pipe is stored. Field location installations are also available.


Protech Molded Composite Attachments

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