BaraLogix® Real-Time & Automation Services

Real-time Tools and Services

We are at the forefront of innovation with our BaraLogix® tools and services. We focus on providing accurate, traceable, and trending analysis of real-time fluids data to help you keep your operations on track.  BaraLogix® tools can also be added to Applied Fluids Optimization services to provide the ultimate real-time solution.

BaraLogix® Density and Rheology Unit (DRU)

We broke down barriers to deliver a single piece of equipment that can autonomously measure fluid density and rheology in real-time.  Modular in design and ATEX and Zone 1 certified, our BaraLogix® Density and Rheology Unit  can provide unmatched accuracy and reliability to help you reduce risk, increase efficiency, and communicate performance. 

BaraLogix® Real-Time Monitoring Service

The BaraLogix® monitoring service ties our advanced Drilling Fluids Graphics Real-Time (DFG RT™) software directly to the BaraLogix® Density and Rheology Unit to consistently track real-time fluids properties.  The service provides automated predictive analytics and can notify the drilling team of potential impending issues detected with DrillAhead® Hydraulics simulations.

Applied Fluids Optimization + BaraLogix® DRU

Real-time monitoring and simulation capabilities of DFG RT™ software, increased data frequency and accuracy from the BaraLogix® DRU, knowledge and experience of AFO engineers, and proven workflows combine to form unparalleled real-time management of your operations.  The collection of monitoring and simulation technologies helps quickly and accurately identify potential issues, so AFO engineers can step in with recommendations to improve drilling performance and reduce overall risk.

BaraLogix® Real-Time & Automation Services

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