N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid Systems

Reduce heat transfer
N-SOLATE® systems are unique high performance insulating packer fluids designed to reduce undesired heat flow by controlling both conduction and convection. These fluids provide control over heat flow from the production tubing to the outer annuli, reducing annular pressure buildup and maintaining flowing well temperatures. Instead of using conventional biopolymer viscosifiers with thermal limitations, N-SOLATE packer fluids use inorganic and synthetic viscosifier technology allowing thermal stability up to 600⁰F. In contrast to low density non-aqueous oil-based systems, N-SOLATE fluids can be formulated with densities up to 14.7 lb/gal.  

Ease of use and removal in the field
With their low thermal conductivities, N-SOLATE systems are designed to be easy to place in a well. The N-SOLATE system gel structure is engineered to be thin when pumped and highly viscous after being placed in the well. In the event of a well intervention, applying relatively low pump pressures will allow the N-SOLATE fluids to be easily removed from the well.   

Experience reliable, cost-effective protection
N-SOLATE fluids are significantly more cost effective than installing vacuum insulating tubing (VIT), and they help operators avoid issues associated with VIT, such as “hot spots” at the joints. N-SOLATE systems give the operator the option of a non-mechanical method for heat flow control, significantly reducing well costs while improving overall reliability.

N-SOLATE Packer Fluid Systems

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