Secure unaltered core samples
Baroid’s COREDRIL-N™ system is a specifically designed water-free system for obtaining native state reservoir core samples. It differs from conventional invert emulsion drilling and coring fluids that usually contain high concentrations of strong oil-wetting surfactants that can cause dramatic alteration to the reservoir rock and core samples. COREDRIL-N fluids preserve the natural reservoir rock wettability characteristics and are ideal for securing reliable core samples required for special core studies.

Avoid damaging pay zones
COREDRIL-N fluids are less invasive and contain an optimal concentration of specially selected sized solids to plug the pores of the reservoir rock without penetrating deep into it. The particle size distribution and concentration of these solids are carefully customized to seal off the target formation, achieve very low filtration rates, and minimize fluid invasion and flushing of the core samples. 

Achieve more reliable fluids data, more realistic reservoir evaluation
The COREDRIL-N system allows more realistic reservoir evaluation and facilitates determination of water saturation. In addition, it helps to confirm porosities and permeabilities derived from electric logs.

COREDRIL-N™ All-Oil Drill-In and Coring Fluid System

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