Technology Training

Our hands-on training gives our customers the opportunity to learn by using the latest training technologies guided by professional technical instructors. We offer training for both those new to electric submersible pump (ESP) systems and those who seek to improve their operational and troubleshooting skills. Courses are designed for production engineers, supervisors/managers, pumpers, and support technicians.

  • Pump technology training for insight into design and operating principles
  • Seal section technology training to ensure full-service life of pump and motor
  • Motor technology training to become familiar with current flow, system voltage requirements, and three-phase power supplies
  • Motor controller technology training to ensure proper operation of single-speed switchboards and variable speed motor controllers
  • Downhole gauge technology training for a thorough understanding of data channels available and operational fundamentals
  • Gas-handling technology training for better gas production, gas handling, and improved production potential