ESP Cables and Motor Lead Extensions

Technically advanced cables for long operational life in extreme conditions

Summit ESP® provides a complete line of high-performance cables designed to the exacting standards required for electric submersible pump (ESP) systems. To maximize operational longevity, all ESP cables are tested to the latest API and IEEE recommended practices.

The ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) cable uses an insulation compound specially formulated to be oil resistant while maintaining excellent electrical properties. A lead or additional EPDM jacket is applied over the insulation for extra protection, strength, and shielding to the insulation.

Designed for long life in harsh environments

  • Electrical stability via solid copper conductor
  • Longer life through superior insulation compounds for all cables
  • Impervious to fluid and gas intrusion in extreme well conditions through robust lead sheath
  • Continuous operation during chemical treatment using optional capillary tubes
  • Cable customization available for specific well conditions requiring different armor materials
Avenger® Motor Lead Extension Pothead
The Avenger® motor lead extension pothead is a cost-effective solution that is reliable in both high-temperature and gassy wells. High wellbore temperatures and heat generated by the motor can lead to premature motor failure. The motor lead extension acts as both an electrical connector and a seal to the motor, helping prevent motor failure.

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