Halliburton Introduces InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics

First of its kind, pipeline and wellbore diagnostics technology that provides fast, accurate insight without physical intervention

HOUSTON – April 30, 2018 – Halliburton today introduced InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics, a technology that quickly and accurately detects blockages or leaks and profiles deposits in pipelines and wellbores. Without the need for intrusive intervention, InnerVue diagnostics interprets pressure waves reflecting from internal features of the pipeline or wellbore and extrapolates the pressure reflections into deposit profiles or blockage and leak locations

A proprietary software analyzes the pressure wave signature to determine the profile of the hydraulic diameter of a pipe or wellbore, detecting blockages such as stuck pigs or the top-of-a-cement plug, and identifies fluid leakage locations and volume.

Scott Greig, senior director for Halliburton Pipeline & Process Services, said, "InnerVue diagnostics is unique in its ability to help customers make better decisions by monitoring the effectiveness of their flow assurance program, reducing the cost of blockage remediation, and preventing product loss and environmental damage."

InnerVue diagnostics has been successfully deployed in both the U.S. and international markets. The service was recently used in a successful offshore clean-out operation involving a stuck pig incident 40 days after the start of production that resulted from the build-up of hydrates and wax during the first operational pig run. In another case, the service was used to accurately locate a stuck tool in a high-risk pipeline in South Texas that was causing an operator to lose valuable production uptime. Additionally, InnerVue diagnostics mapped severe wax deposits in a critical pipeline in the North Sea, providing a total debris profile within one day, and verified top-of-cement depth in a well without the need for a topside setup change or a wireline run.

To learn more about InnerVue Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics, please visit the Halliburton Pipeline & Process Services website.

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InnerVue™ Diagnostics Service

The InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics is a fast and accurate technique used to detect flow inefficiencies caused by deposits, leaks or blockages.