Technical Papers

Monday, May 6

Time Location Topic Presenter
15:50 - 16:12 Room 602 Wellbore Schematics to Structured Data Using Artificial Intelligence Tools V.N. Kemajou, A. Bao, O.R. Germain

Tuesday, May 7

Time Location Topic Presenter
10:36 - 10:58 Room 600 Analyzing Swellable Packer Model Under Miscible Gas Differential Pressure Utilizing Computerized Tomography Scanning R. Ounds, C. Glaesman
15:25 - 15:50 Room 606 Biodegradable Anti-Agglomerant Chemistry for Hydrate Plug Prevention in Various Production Conditions D. Monteiro, L.K. Vo, P. Prince, S.H. Bodnar
15:28 - 15:50 Room 610 A Machine Learning Application for Field Planning A. Kumar

Wednesday, May 8

Time Location Topic Presenter
11:20 - 11:42 Room 602 Developing and Fielding Perforating Systems: A Comparison in High-Pressure Wells R. Robey, D. Suire, B.M. Grove
10:14 - 10:58 OTC Poster Lounge Advanced Mud Logging: Key to Safe and Efficient Well Delivery D.D. Blue, T. Blakey
14:44 - 15:06 Room 610 Operators Optimize High-Pressure/High-Temperature and Ultrahigh - Pressure Perforation Strategies Using Laboratory Testing B.M. Grove, R.J. Dehart, J. McGregor, D.J. Haggerty

Thursday, May 9

Time Location Topic Presenter
15:06 - 15:28 Room 312 Design, Testing, and Operation of a Completion Deflector Running and Test Tool for Efficient Multilateral Completions M.B. Stokes, B. Lajesic, C. Ramirez, B. Dupler
15:50 - 16:12 Room 312 An Enhanced Assembly for Management of Open Hole Deepwater Standalone Screen Injector Completions T.O. Roane, M. Guan, V.U. Okengwu, M.A. Williams, P. Bourneuf