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ZCA™ Acid System and Carbonate 20/20 Service (SM) Increase Oil Production by over $233,000

Location: Egypt -- Gulf of Suez

Operator's Challenge

An operator had drilled a 9,746 foot well and was considering its ASL limestone formation as a potential zone. However, after it went into production, the well barely produced at a measurable rate, and most of that production was water with traces of oil.

Halliburton's Solution

To treat the oil-bearing formation, Haliburton recommended its Carbonate 20/20sm acidizing service using Zonal Coverage Acid (ZCATM) fluid for optimum acid distribution in the long pay intervals.

Economic Value Created

After the treatment, the well produced 2,600 bfpd with about 400 barrels of oil. The total economic value created (EVC) is $233,328.00, based on increased oil production. The operator is pleased with the job results and considers the treatment a technical success. He plans to apply the same Halliburton combination of technology in similar formations as the situation requires.