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SurgiFracSM Service Used to Stimulate Open-Hole Lateral Adds More Than $927,000 in Value in Just Six Months

Location: New Mexico -- Permian Basin

Operator's Challenge

A 2,000-ft open-hole lateral had been drilled in a 4,600-ft Yeso formation well in a mature field that the operator believed was depleted. After the lateral was cleaned out and an acid wash had been performed, the well still failed to produce oil. To revive the well, the operator asked Halliburton for an effective method to stimulate the entire lateral and connect it to the formation’s natural fracture system.

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton recommended pumping multiple acid fracturng stages using its SurgiFracSM service. Halliburton’s SurgiFrac service provides a quick and cost-effective method to help boost production from open-hole horizontal completions by enabling fractures to be placed with surgical precision.

Economic Value Created

Five acid fracturing stages were placed in the toe half of the lateral using a SurgiFrac tool on coiled tubing. After fracturing, the fluids were pumped off, and the well began producing oil. Six months later, the average daily oil production from the well was five to six times that of the vertical wells in the field that had been treated conventionally. The total economic value created (EVC) was $927,646, based on the increased oil production minus treatment costs.