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HydroChek® Service Restores 5,000 BPD of Oil Production, Adds $35 Million in Value

Location: Mexico

Operator's Challenge

A 2,700 foot well in a Cretacio Inferior Formation had to be shut in after just one-and-a-half years because of excessive water production.   

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton recommended running its Spectra Flow (SpFl™) log tool to confirm that water was traveling behind the casing. The HydroChek® service, a comprehensive collection of chemicals and processes to selectively control water production in oil producing wells, would then be used to treat the problem. 

Economic Value Created

After the Spectra Flow log tool confirmed that channeling was taking place, the well was treated with Halliburton’s exclusive, new  MOC/OneTM Selective Water Control Slurry. MOC/One slurry has a delayed gelation that is ideal for placing Halliburton's exclusive ultrafine Micro Matrix® cement into water-bearing formation fractures or channels a distance from the wellbore.  Following treatment in March 2004, water production significantly decreased with a corresponding increase in oil production to 5,000 BPD. The total Economic Value Created (EVC) is $35,085,709, based on restored oil production.