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Carbonate 20/20SM Acidizing Service Eliminates Need for Proppant, Adds More Than $1.5 Million in Value

Location: Texas

Operator's Challenge

After being shot, a 16,000 foot well in a Cotton Valley Formation was still only flowing at 8.2 mmcfpd at 1,680 psi FTP with a positive skin. To increase production, the operator wanted to fracture the well with proppant but had not previously pumped into it.

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton recommended cleaning up the near-well area using its Carbonate 20/20SM acidizing service. Treatment would include Hot Rock Acid, which is designed to control acid reaction at elevated temperatures, and Zonal Coverage Acid (ZCA) to help take care of fluid loss and diversion in the matrix system.

Economic Value Created

Two months after treatment, the well is flowing at 12 mmcfpd at 6,000 psi. The total economic value created (EVC) is $1,522,100. That figure is based on increased gas production, as well as a $560,000 saving by eliminating the need for a proppant treatment. “Using Carbonate 20/20 fluids gave us a tremendous improvement in deliverability and allowed a true production test on the zone,” the operator wrote. "We are now moving ahead on the offset well and anticipate using Carbonate 20/20 fluids instead of the proppant frac.”