CleanSuite™ Technologies

CleanWaveSM Service - Gallons of Fresh Water Saved
CleanStream® Service - Gallons of Biocide Eliminated
First Completion Using CleanSuite™ System Technologies

An El Paso-operated well in North Louisiana is the first natural gas producing well to be completed using all three Halliburton proprietary CleanSuite™ production enhancement technologies for both hydraulic fracturing and water treatment. “Teaming
with Halliburton on the use of this ‘green’ suite of technologies was a ‘win’ for us and demonstrates that industry is proactively
developing important advancements for hydraulic fracturing,” said John Jensen, senior vice president, Operations, El Paso
Exploration & Production.

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CleanStim® Formulation

A new hydraulic fracturing solution made up of ingredients sourced entirely from the food industry? Well, our new CleanStim® fracturing formulation doesn't quite call for the downhole delivery of fruits and vegetables. But it does rely on some of the same acids and enzymes present in those items to create one of the most innovative and environmentally safe fracture solutions ever conceived. Now, are we saying you should eat the stuff? Nope. But when diluted and used as directed, we are saying it's an exciting new innovation in the field – one that reduces chemical exposure risk at and below the wellsite.

CleanStream® Service

One of the most common chemical components found in traditional fracture solutions is the biocide. Without it, bacteria can quickly form in the well and spread rapidly throughout — impeding the flow of energy, and corroding the pipes and equipment. But what if we could control that bacteria without relying on the additives that traditionally have been used for the job? Thanks to our new CleanStream® service, that's precisely what's possible today. The secret? UV light as a replacement for chemical biocides – just the latest "bright" idea from our engineering team.

CleanWave™ Water Treatment System

“A celebration of electrocoagulation” for our chemists, but a great new application of technology for reducing the amount of freshwater needed to tap America’s resources for the rest of us. With the introduction of Halliburton’s new CleanWave™ system, our customers now have an efficient (and mobile) way to treat and reuse the water that’s generated as a routine part of the fracturing process. Of course, the more produced water you can recycle, the less of the fresh stuff you need to buy – and the fewer truck-trips required to get it where it needs to be.

3-D Fracture Mapping

No need for the red-and-blue specs to appreciate the importance of this one. Halliburton's fracture mapping services provide our customers with accurate, real-time, three-dimensional feedback on the direction, length, height and distance of fractures as they are created in the formation. This information helps confirm that energy-bearing strata, where the fracture zone is located, do not communicate with strata thousands of feet higher, where aquifers may be present. That's good for groundwater and the environment, but it's also good for business. More subsurface data and geologic information means a better understanding of the reservoir, and greater productivity at the wellhead.

ADP™ Advanced Dry Polymer Blender

Sure, it may look like a big red truck to you. But inside, carrier fluids are being "thickened" up before their eventual delivery to the formation. Previously, this process was typically done "wet," using additive-based liquid gel concentrates (LGCs) to ensure that proper chemistry and consistency were maintained. But our new ADP™ blender takes an entirely different approach: a dry mix, and one that eliminates the need for chemical-based LGCs. The upshot? A quicker, more affordable and environmentally safer way to blend. Just add water.