Challenge The Limits

Mature Fields

In the late 1800s, a young chemist driven to find a pharmaceutical solution for his father's rheumatism helped challenge the limits of pain relief. By applying an innovative improvement to an existing compound he gave new life to people who weren't able to manage pain.

Baroid takes the same approach to giving new life to mature fields, with custom solutions engineered to help keep your well profitable and improve ultimate recovery.

Wellbore Clean-up

Wellbore cleaning is an imperative task—important for the productivity and life of a well. Residual oil and solids left behind after drilling operations can accumulate and this may result in compromises to equipment function and damage to the producing formation. Baroid creates a customized solution for every displacement, and helps ensure the right products, technologies and processes are in place to do the job efficiently, effectively and safely.


Cuttings Disposal Efficiency

Many factors contribute to cuttings disposal costs including transportation and environmental regulations. At Baroid, our waste management engineers will assess the most efficient method of disposal for your specific situation. In mature fields where candidate disposal wells are often readily available, cuttings reinjection can be the most efficient solution.


Lost Circulation

Cuts need bandages. Fractures need casts. Recognizing that there are many different causes of lost circulation, steps can be taken to remediate a situation but much more importantly, proactive steps can be taken to prevent lost circulation from every occurring saving time and money. Baroid has developed a suite of lost circulation solutions to help you stem fluid losses from induced fractures in depleted zones.




Let Baroid help you challenge the limits and achieve your goals.
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