Challenge The Limits

Deep Water

The deepest part of the ocean, Challenger Deep, was a mystery until someone decided to challenge the limits and go where few thought was possible. As deepwater wells reach new depths, key challenges such as complex subsurface conditions, environmental and safety concerns, remote locations, and high operating costs become your limits. Your limits become our challenge.

Real-time Fluids Management

Managing drilling fluids properties can be a challenge for any fluids engineer that is constantly dealing with time, performance, and cost limits. Baroid has developed a revolutionary automated system to monitor fluid density and rheology in real time, so mud engineers can focus on making the right changes to optimize fluids.


Reduce Time to Complete and Optimize Production

Contaminated fluids during completions or workovers can plug reservoirs and significantly hinder production, and large volumes of brine can be difficult to filter efficiently. Our BaraClear℠ Filtration Services can help identify and engineer the best filtration options for your specific well parameters. We developed the BaraClear™ Hi-Flow Filtration Unit specifically for high volume operations to help you clean your wellbore of contaminants and prevent particles from blocking pores in the formation.


Narrow margin drilling

Narrow margins between pore pressures and fracture gradients often narrow your options. Baroid has developed a unique and innovative fluid system to combat narrow margin challenges in Deepwater applications.




Let Baroid help you challenge the limits and achieve your goals.
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Baroid In Action


Watch Narrow Margin with BaraECD Fluid System Video Narrow Margin Drilling with BaraECD™ Fluid System
Watch Narrow Margin Video Deep Water - Narrow Margin Drilling