Delta Frac™ 200 Fluid with Linear Gel Pad Creates $3.7 Million in New Gas Production

Location: Michigan

Operator's Challenge

An operator needed to limit fracture height growth on a 9,886‑foot well in a Prairie du Chien formation to avoid fracturing into water.

Halliburton's Solution

Because modeling with FracProPT* simulation software indicated extensive fracture height growth, Halliburton recommended using a linear gel pad followed by Delta Frac 200 fracturing fluid to carry the proppant pack.

Economic Value Created

The well came on line at 1.7 MMCFD with very little water. The economic value created (EVC) by the increased gas production is $3,676,404. “Based on previous experience, we didn't expect this well to perform,” the operator said. "But the Halliburton tech team designed the job well and stayed in the zone.  We are very pleased with the results.”

*Mark of Pinnacle Technology