Squeeze Cement Job Isolated Production Zone

Permian Basin, Texas

Operator's Challenge

A large independent operator experienced problems during a production liner primary cement job that resulted in no cement across the production zone. The operator was concerned about the zonal isolation of this zone and a potential water bearing zone below. It was also concerned about pumping too much cement into the production zone, causing the pay's fracture pressure to be exceeded. The operator asked Halliburton to evaluate the primary cement job and determine an optimal volume/procedure for placement of cement on a remedial annular re-cement job.

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton evaluated the primary cement job using a Radial Bond Log, and then used Halliburton's OptiCem™ cementing modeling software system to assist in designing the squeeze procedure to comply with the well's restrictions.

Economic Value Created

Post job analysis showed annular height of cement to be where OptiCem software had predicted and that isolation between the production zone and the well's potential water bearing zone had been achieved. This allowed the operator to continue with completion operations, avoiding additional squeeze jobs. By running OptiCem software ($50,000) compared to continuing with its job as planned ($2,500), the operator was able to increase gas production ($3,552,957). As a result, the total economic value was $3,505,457.

 Ref: EVC number 4908