SurePlugSM Process Succeeds After Another Service Company Fails

Operator's Challenge

A South Texas operator had wellbore problems that required a kickoff. To perform it, the operator chose a third-party cementing service company with whom it had a longstanding relationship. After three failed attempts and eight days of non-productive rig time at a cost of $264,000, the operator decided a change was in order.

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton was contacted to solve this problem. Using key components from the Halliburton SurePlug process, the service team began by studying the client's wellbore conditions and previous attempts to set a cement kickoff plug. The SurePlug process is an engineered approach that allows all aspects affecting plug placement and stability to be analyzed and a fit-for-purpose solution to be designed. This analysis revealed the faults in three prior attempts. The proper adjustments were made which included:

  • Using a tailpipe as opposed to drillpipe to minimize the slurry disturbance during pullout
  • Optimizing the relationship between slurry density and wellbore fluid density
  • Maximizing the displacement efficiency by using the best system of spacers and fluid rheology
  • Adjusting the slurry volume to allow for the anticipated contamination interface at the top of the plug
  • Economic Value Created

    The Halliburton South Texas Franchise cementing team succeeded on its first attempt. The cost to the client was less than $15,000 plus rig time. As a result, an operator who had never been a consistent Halliburton customer now believes in the Halliburton engineered solutions approach to cementing.

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