Super Seal II™ Hi-Port Up-Jet Float Shoes Eliminate Costly Shoe Squeezes

Operator's Challenge

A south Texas operator with a history of having to perform shoe squeezes in a particular field needed to improve the primary cementing of his 7-in intermediate casings in 8 ¾-in holes that average 6,300 ft in depth. The squeeze jobs that were required to obtain sufficient integrity for the well to be drilled to total depth were costing the operator an average of $20,000 per squeeze.

Halliburton's Solution

After analyzing the situation, Halliburton recommended its Super Seal II™ Hi-Port Up-Jet Float Shoe. This float shoe not only set the industry standard for strength and durability, but also provided a combination of downward, as well as radial, tangential flow around the shoe. Forcing displacement fluids and cement around the shoe in this manner overcomes the tendency of an eccentric annulus to cause cement channeling up only one side of the shoe, which would then require squeeze cementing to correct.

Economic Value Created

By adding this one inexpensive feature to its primary cementing operations, the operator was able to save approximately $20,000 per well.