Performance of Halliburton Floating and Guiding Equipment Helps Save Operator Over $100,000

Operator's Challenge

A Gulf of Mexico drilling contractor was preparing to set 9 5/8-in production casing in 70° angle hole and was very concerned about the job. The well was being drilled as a turnkey project and the contractor had scheduled four days to run the casing because of anticipated the high angle hole problems. A previous job in Mexico had required days to run a 7 5/8-in casing string. A guide shoe supplied by another vendor had broken off before going half way into the hole.

Halliburton's Solution

Halliburton recommended running a Halliburton 4 1/4-in Tapered Nose guide shoe with an NR™ 9 5/8-in float collar, and following Halliburton's precementing considerations guide. Following this procedure, the drilling contractor was able to run the 9 5/8-in casing to TD on the first attempt.

Economic Value Created

The contractor felt the Halliburton equipment and procedures saved three days of rig time for a total economic value created of $105,000. The contractor planned to use this equipment upcoming turnkey projects.