Dependable Formation Packer Shoes Help Turn PTA Wells into Profitable Producers

Operator's Challenge

An Arkoma operator using air drilling routinely plugged and abandoned wells where production was to be from a highly sensitive, low pressure formation. The formation could not tolerate the normal technique of loading the well with fluid prior to running casing.

Halliburton' s Solution

Halliburton recommended running a Halliburton Formation Packer Shoe to cement the production casing using the following procedure:

1. Run the packer shoe on the production casing with the setting ball in place.

2. With the packer shoe at setting depth, pump a water spacer.

3. Mix and pump the cement.

4. Release the latch down wiper plug and start displacement when the water spacer reaches the formation packer shoe, the packer sets, and the cementing ports above the packer open.

5. Continue displacement until the latch down plug is landed.

6. After sufficient WOC time, run tubing and blow the casing dry.

7. Air drill the formation packer shoe, exposing the sensitive openhole below for production.

Economic Value Created

Over 50 wells have been cemented in this manner. The reliability of the Halliburton formation packer shoes has provided the operator with producible wells where previously the wells were plugged and abandoned. These wells produce anywhere from 250 Mcf/D to 1 MMcf/D with a value of up to $550,000 per year.