eRedbook® Software

A complete digital toolkit that offers quick and reliable calculators for computations used in daily operations.

Cementing Tables

Tables providing calculations on displacement, volumes, pressure, and weight of pipes.

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Case Studies

Fayetteville, Arkansas:

SHALEDRIL™ F Water-Based Fluid Proves Successful on Troublesome Fayetteville Shale

Papua New Guinea:

Alternative inhibiting salt in WBM helps raise environmental acceptability in rain forest locations.


Successful application of PERFORMADRIL system breaking over from existing competitor system

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Downloads & Mobile Apps

eRedBook® Mobile

A digital toolkit for engineering calculations


Environmental Correction Chart Calculator

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Search through material safety data sheets for all Halliburton products.

Halliburton Safety Statistics

Current data for Lost Time Incidents (LTI), Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR), and Vehicle Recordable Incident Rates (VRIR).

HSE Safety Moments

We take our safety and the safety of others seriously. We even start every meeting with a safety moment.


GeoTap® IDS Sensor in action

The GeoTap® IDS Sensor revolutionizes the industry by allowing downhole capture, identification and surface recovery of representative fluid samples on LWD. 

HQ-2000™ (Grizzly™) Pump

HQ-2000™ (Grizzly™) pump can pump pressures as high as 20,000 psi yet is lightweight and compact.

Upper Surge Valve

This surge helps clean debris from the perforation before a stimulation treatment, sand control treatment, flow test.

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Technical Papers

A Sign of Good Things to Come?

We are on the cusp of a significant increase in the use of intelligent completion technology, which will fuel and accelerate the development of new capabilities and innovations.

Self-removing EFDAs level stimulation access

Environmentally friendly diverting agents part of optimized approach to plug and perf fracturing method.

Using Balance Scorecarding in Mature Fields

A ‘balanced view’ can help ensure that efforts in field management are supporting the overarching goals of the corporation.

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RedTech™ Learning Series

Halliburton subject matter experts (SMEs) share their experience with industry challenges and the successful application of Halliburton solutions

Petroskills and Support

Halliburton participates in an alliance with PetroSkills to provide first-rate technical training. 

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