RELAY™ Digital Slickline System

Intelligent slickline conveyance for well intervention

In an industry where time is money, the ability to optimize well interventions and make decisions quickly is invaluable. Our RELAY™ system—an intelligent conveyance system for well intervention operations, enables immediate decision-making.

The system easily adapts to existing slickline units for quick deployment and ease of use. Ruggedly built, it helps reduce uncertainty during well intervention operations. This system also offers depth and time correlation, as well as bidirectional communication with downhole intervention and logging tools.

With the RELAY system you can improve your operational efficiency, reduce uncertainty and minimize environmental impact. Key benefits include:

  • Versatile operations– Uses a single drum and pressure control equipment for mechanical, diagnostic, and perforating operations
  • Simplified logistics– Helps reduce costs and logistical challenges
  • Reduced HSE exposure– Helps minimize HSE risks by reducing the number of personnel, rig ups and lifts
  • Improved efficiency – Helps ensure safe, efficient, and successful operations via real-time communication with downhole tools
  • Real-time data and control– Controls and monitors battery-powered tools in real time through innovative depth/time-based communication
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Related Information

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