Memory Production Logging

Production Logging with Electric Line Accuracy, Slickline Economy

Memory Production Logging (MPL) Halliburton's Memory Production Logging (MPLSM)  service overcomes challenges at the wellsite by employing downhole memory to record accurate flow profiles and diagnostics - then playing back its captured data after tools are retrieved from the well. Rigged with slickline, the MPL service minimizes risk in environments challenged by CO2, H2S, or high pressures. The tool can also be deployed on coiled tubing for highly deviated or horizontal wells.

Because the MPL service can use existing slickline equipment, operators avoid the expense of mobilizing a specialized logging unit. And by using Halliburton's advanced slickline depth measurement system (AMS), operators can lower the risk of misruns that can waste valuable rig time for little or no gain.

DPU® Downhole Power Unit
Downhole Power Unit is an electro-mechanical device designed to produce a linear force for setting or pulling wellbore tools such as monolocks, bridge plugs, or packers.
Memory Production Logging (MPLSM) Service
Memory Production Logging Service employs downhole memory to record accurate flow profiles and diagnostics, then plays back its captured data when tools are retrieved.
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