RED® Perforating Detonator — Top Fire Version

A 'Top Choice' Among Top-Fired Explosive Tools

The safety and operational attributes of this version of the Rig Environment Detonator (RED™) easily make it the top choice for top-fired applications. The RED does not contain primary explosives, and the detonator is insensitive to many common electrical hazards found at the wellsite. This feature allows many normal rig operations—including RF communications, welding, and cathodic protection—to continue without interruption during perforating operations.

RED is a simple, economical and "offshore-safe" substitute for resistorized, EBW, and EFI detonators. No special surface firing panels or downhole firing units are required, and various adapters are available to mate the detonator with popular top-fire systems. The top-fire verison of the RED is used with tubing and casing cutters, and it is rated to 375° F for one hour.


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Related Information

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