Perforating ServicesFor safety, precision and results, Perforating Solutions from Halliburton encompass the industry's leading technologies, tools and techniques for critical perforation operations. With an unequalled success and safety record, Halliburton continues to develop and introduce new and innovative products for tubing conveyed and wireline perforating.


As Close as You Can Get to Real-World Conditions

The Halliburton Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory helps you understand how a perforator actually performs under extreme downhole conditions. It can provide real-world answers that account for overburden stress, reservoir pore pressure, wellbore pressure, and reservoir and wellbore response. The Advanced Perforating Flow Lab can also help identify the optimum solution to connect the wellbore and the reservoir.

JRC Testing Services

JRC Testing Services

Jet Research Center, Perforating Center of Excellence
Testing Services Overview

MaxForce® Flow Deepwater Gun Systems Solutions

Take a look at the industry leader in hole size and lowest debris!

Integrated Well Completions

Integrated Well Completions

Well completion requires many specific services from multiple points of contact. Often, operators contact, negotiate with, and manage several service providers during a well completion project.
Integrated Well Completions

Perforating Services

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Summary Successful Collaboration Between Halliburton and WEPCO Added 150% in Oil Daily Production Rate Mar 2018
Summary Halliburton Introduces Vertical Stress-Oriented Perforating Solution in Large Middle East Gas Field Nov 2016
Summary First Halliburton Dynamic Underbalance Perforating Job in Cameroon Achieves Customer’s Goals Nov 2016
Summary Halliburton Collaborates with Client to Develop World’s First Corrosive Hostile Environment Gun System Aug 2016
Summary Halliburton Electronic Firing System Saves USD 800,000 Per Well in a Single-Trip Completion Jul 2016
Summary MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen Gun System delivers unsurpassed flow area with lowest gun debris in the Gulf of Mexico Oct 2015
Summary World’s first acoustic firing head system allows safer and more flexible TCP operations Aug 2015
Summary Electronic firing system successfully initiates 222 ft (68 m) of large OD guns in extreme conditions Jul 2015
Summary Operator’s deepest TVD well perforated with MaxFire® electronic firing system Jul 2015
Summary MaxFire® electronic firing system saves Gulf of Mexico operator USD 2.2 million Jul 2015
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Corrosive Hostile Environment (CHE) systems
Halliburton’s Corrosive Hostile Environment (CHE™) system targets corrosive environments, which would deteriorate standard system components over time leading to increased downhole debris.
Differential Firing Head
Designed to allow underbalanced perforating with adifferential pressure-actuated firing system. The DFH works by requiring the internal pressure to begreater than the external pressure.
DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) -actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing.
DrillGun™ Perforating System
Drillable perforating system that providesreliable, quality performance whilelowering overall wellsite costs.
G-Force® Precision Oriented Perforating System
Halliburton's G-Force® oriented perforating system allows perforating in any direction, regardless of gun position relative to casing.
Integrated Well Completions
Well completion requires many specific services from multiple points of contact. Often, operators contact, negotiate with, and manage several service providers during a well completion project.
MaxFire™ Slickline Electronic Firing System
The Halliburton MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing system has numerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive tools to be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe. The tool uses temperature, pressure, tool motion and time parameters, which must all match programmed values before the tool can function.
MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Halliburton now offers the MaxFire™ electronic firing system, an ultrahigh-pressure 40,000-psi (276-MPa), fully programmableelectronic firing system. This unmatched technology is alsocapable of low pressure-cycle operation, and allows for immediateor delayed detonation.
MaxForce®-FRAC Charge
The charge is designed to maximize hole size performance while maintaining entry hole consistency in the casing regardless of the gun's azimuth orientation standoff.
MaxForce® Flow System
The increased flow area of the 6 ¾-in. 18 spf Big Hole MaxForce® Flow system enhances both conventional and flux-based completion approaches.
MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charges
The next-generation shaped charge, MaxForce perforating shaped charges delivers maximum propulsion and greater depth of penetration to improve perforation in hard to penetrate conditions.
ShockPro™ Software
Halliburton's innovative ShockPro™ software is the only program available that accurately simulates the dynamic forces and loading created during perforating, so you can plan accordingly.
Smart Release Tool
The Halliburton Smart Release tool (SRT) was designed for use in deepwater wells, as a contingency for releasing from the tool string if the bottomhole assembly becomes stuck
The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory
The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory at Halliburton's Jet Research Center is an industry leader in perforating system research, development and test programs.
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