The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory at the Halliburton Jet Research Center

Optimize Your Production: Breakthrough Technologies Help You Better Understand Downhole Performance

Engineering Innovation Award

The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory at the Halliburton Jet Research Center is an industry leader in perforating system research, development and test programs.

For more than ten years, we have conducted tests tailored specifically for your needs to help you better understand actual downhole conditions and perforating system performance.

To meet your developing challenges, Halliburton has expanded the lab with leading-edge vessels and technologies. These vessels will provide you with the most accurate information possible today regarding the effects of perforations in different formations and in different environments. This facility gets you as close to the real world as you can get in a laboratory setting.

Jet Research Center



High Pressure
50,000-psi vessel — Allows Halliburton to conduct tests at pressures higher than any other testing facility in 
the industry.
High Temperature
25,000-psi high-temperature vessel — This vessel can flow at temperatures reaching 400°F (204°C) enabling us 
to test perforating capabilities in high temperatures.
Unconsolidated Formations
25,000-psi vessel — Can rotate up to 180 degrees, enabling Halliburton to perform gravity-related sanding studies to better understand the effects of perforating and fracturing in horizontal wells. No other testing facility can simulate these conditions.

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