Xaminer® Multicomponent Induction (MCI) Tool

Three-dimensional measurement of formation resistivity

Xaminer Multicomponent Induction (MCI) Tool

Our Xaminer® Multicomponent Induction (MCI) tool evaluates anisotropic formations by measuring the formation resistivity both vertically and horizontally at different depths of investigation. When run with a directional instrument, the tool provides structural dip and azimuth.

Never miss your low-resistivity pay

Co-located transducers acquire vertical and horizontal array data that reduce measurement uncertainties. This accurately measures resistivity and structural dip with layers of any thickness — at any angle—and provides an understanding of low-resistivity pay in laminated reservoirs.

Thin laminations? No problem.

In deep water, your challenge is to accurately measure resistivity in anisotropic formations, particularly turbidites with thinly laminated sand and shale sequences. The tool acquires better formation resistivity values without the effect of thin laminations. Our Xaminer MCI tool also estimates pay more accurately than conventional 2D tools.

Provides more accurate evaluation of water saturation in anisotropic formations like:

  • Turbidities
  • Laminated formations
  • Low-resistivity pay
  • Structural information: formation dip and azimuth in oil-based muds
  • Analysis resistivity invasion
  • Fractures


  • Provides more accurate evaluation of water saturation in anisotropic formations, including turbidites, laminated formations, low-resistivity pay, and fractures
  • Yields more accurate resistivity in angled beds
  • Defines structural dip and azimuth of beds
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