Xaminer® Coring Tool

The industry’s smartest, most effective large volume rotary core service

Our Xaminer® Coring Tool sets the bar for large-diameter cores in deep water. Our versatile, reliable coring tool is a new approach for acquiring multiple sidewall core samples. The service is engineered to provide a combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement for optimal drilling performance.

Triple your core volume

This tool provides undamaged core samples that can easily be acquired in a single run for a range of testing and analysis. Core samples are 1.5 in. in diameter and up to 2.4 in. in length. This gives you a sample more than three times larger than other sidewall coring tools.

Know your core recovery downhole, not at surface

Traditional rotary coring services can’t identify if a core is actually recovered. Operators must waste valuable rig time taking extra unnecessary cores or must make additional runs to acquire missed cores. Our tool accurately measures each core cut, guaranteeing your core has been recovered from every requested depth.

Smarter coring through full automation

With a fully automated coring system controlling all parameters, the ability to core in the toughest environments is possible. Our system can operate in either pressure- or torque-controlled coring modes that optimize the coring time.

Core Markers and Storage

Cores length is measured as each core is deposited in the core storage tube. In addition, markers are dropped in between cores to assist in core identification at surface. Core storage is added as required, and up to 71 cores have been cut in a single descent.

Triple the core sample volume with Xaminer Coring Tool 

Xaminer® Coring Tool

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