Spectral Gamma Ray (CSNG™) Log Service

Multi-Function Workhorse Helps Characterize Reservoirs

Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray  (CSNGSM) Service helps you thoroughly characterize reservoirs and confidently estimate net pay. The service can detect producible zones by distinguishing clean reservoir rock or radioactive pay zones from shales. By measuring U, K, and Th concentrations, CSNG service can reveal fractured or highly permeable reservoirs.

When used with CLAMS™ post-processing analysis, CSNG service can help determine clay types, volumes and cation exchange capacity. When CSNG service is coupled with TracerScan™ Tool, it can locate radioactive tracers with a single pass of the CSNG™ tool—improving the evaluation of hydraulic fracturing, gravel packing, and frac packing operations. Halliburton's CSNG tool measures the entire gamma ray spectrum (see illustration) from 0 to 3,000 keV, and uses special borehole compensation techniques to create accurate logs of K, U, and Th concentrations.

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Related Information

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