Water Based Mud Imaging (XRMISM) Log Service

Superior Borehole Images in Highly Resistive Formations

This electrical wireline borehole imaging tool is designed to obtain superior quality images even in high Rt:Rm environments. The expanded operating range of the XRMI™ tool over conventional electrical imaging tools is achieved through its new, state-of-the-art, 32 bit digital signal acquisition architecture combined with a large increase in available power for the excitation current (EMEX).

As a result, the signal to noise ratio of the raw measurements is improved by a factor of up to five, and the dynamic range is expanded by a factor of up to three. The resulting images offer superior fidelity, even in highly resistive formations (Rt > 2000 ohm-m) or relatively salty borehole fluids  (Rm < 0.1 ohm-m).

X-tended Range Micro Imager (XRMI™) Tool
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