CoreHD® Service & CoreHD® Plus Service High Resolution Dual Energy CT Imaging

Providing early visibility into the critical properties of whole core through continuous, high-resolution rock property logs in relevant timeframes.

CoreHD®: Whole core, continuous, dual-energy CT imaging for characterizing rock type and heterogeneity

Ingrain's approach starts with the CoreHD®suite. It offers early visibility into the critical properties of whole or slabbed core through dual-energy, high-resolution 3D imaging. Computations of separate logs for bulk density (RhoB) and photoelectric index (PE) provide quantitative measures. These help discriminate lithology, porosity, rock facies, and depositional sequences in an unmatched time frame.


CoreHD® Plus: Achieve greater impact from whole core data with additional petrophysical curves

Ingrain also combines spectral gamma logging with RhoB and PEF to deliver further petrophysical information. This includes mineralogy, organic matter, and brittleness at a very high resolution. The millimeter/centimeter-scale resolution of CoreHD® analysis is a key part of the crucial upscaling path between micro- and nano-scale image analysis and the well log or reservoir model scale.

A facies classification is performed on the high-resolution log data. This is based on simultaneous multivariate cluster analysis within data sets using a proprietary machine-learning technique. This analysis will indicate which facies are most likely to be high-quality reservoir.

Ingrain also uses machine-learning techniques to recommend samples that statistically represent the CoreHD® logs or variables defined with the client for subsequent analysis.

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Summary Operator Refines Rock Typing by Adding Geological Classifications Based on Textures Oct 2017
Summary Integrated Reservoir Characterization Helps Resolve Critical Rock Properties in Highly Heterogeneous Formation Oct 2017
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