TightGasXpert℠ Interpretation Service

Advanced Tight Gas Reservoir Analysis

Since unconventional tight gas sands demonstrate much higher matrix permeability than organic source rocks, a tailored asset solution also exists to both optimize and predict fracture flow performance from these reservoirs. Clay typing for completion fluid planning is important; therefore, geochemistry/GEM data is often required. This asset solution requires MRIL permeability as the key input for a fracture flow simulator. Fracture geometry planning is aided with the use of the 3D stress analysis as previously described. The integrated vertical well analysis is used to group zones into individual fracture stages using similar kh (perm thickness) and stress parameters.

All reservoir properties are supplied to a fracture flow production model. The final product includes a fracture flow rate analysis for varying fracture half lengths along with a corresponding decline curve analysis for each vertical frac stage.

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