Pump Down Visualization

PDV software pinpoints position of guns at all times

Pump-Down Visualization(PDV) software displays the position of the guns in relation to the well directional survey supplied by the operator. This enables crews to monitor gun-string transport throughout the pump-down and correlate it with tension readings at the top of the gun string.

The combination shows real-time movement of the gun string, helps operators understand the reasons for tension or pressure changes, and react appropriately to help avoid pump-off.

The PDV software combines pumping rate, treating pressure and barrels of fluid pumped from Halliburton stimulation with gun-string depth, cable speed and tension from Halliburton Wireline and Perforating services. The result: easy-to-read graphics that can be displayed in real time in the stimulation TechCommand® Center, the logging truck or at an off-site office.

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