Advanced Cement Evaluation (ACE℠) Service

New Analysis Method Takes the Guesswork Out of Squeeze Decisions

ACE Advanced Cementing EvaluationHalliburton's new Advanced Cement Evaluation (ACESM)service method gives you quick, accurate information on your cement bond, even when using foamed cements. And it works with standard logging tools (including the CAST family) and procedures.

Traditional cement evaluation using cement-bond-log (CBL) tools including ultrasonic tools have severe limitations when used to evaluate foamed cements. Foamed cement impedance values can be less than those of annular fluids e.g., mud or water. Conventional interpretation of this data may mislead one into thinking the cement bond is inadequate, and cause one to order expensive - and completely unnecessary - remedial cementing.

ACE service is a new method of interpreting the CBL and Ultrasonic data you're already capturing.

Advanced Cement Evaluation (ACESM) Service

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Summary Halliburton Advanced Cement Evaluation service saved operator $1.2 million and 16 days of rig time. Jun 2013
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