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Cased Hole Logging

We focus on solutions, and Integrated Cased-Hole Services is an example of that commitment. We offer the planning and expertise necessary for your cased-hole needs. With technology and conveyance flexibility, we address environments like:

  • Deep water
  • Mature fields
  • High-pressure high-temperature
  • Unconventional plays

Maximize value through proven solutions

Our goal is to help you produce more oil and gas. We operate daily and successfully in high-risk and strongly regulated areas, and receive repeated requests for our dedicated teams and technology for new and existing projects. Our thoroughly tested tools and technology produce high-quality data, even in the most demanding environments.

We efficiently service your wells safely and effectively. Conveyance flexibility allows our customers to reduce costs while using the right tools for the wellsite. We offer casing and cement evaluation, reservoir monitoring, perforating, pipe recovery, and other intervention solutions. We meet—and exceed—the most exacting standards. Planning and expertise are what set us apart.

Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool
TMD3D™ (Thermal Multigate Decay - 3 Detector) Logging Tool

Cased Hole Services

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Summary World’s first acoustic firing head system allows safer and more flexible TCP operations
Summary Successful Collaboration Between Halliburton and WEPCO Added 150% in Oil Daily Production Rate
Summary Rigless Well Intervention Helps Increase Oil Production by 30% in Sour, Heavy Oil, and Highly Deviated Wells
Summary Revolutionary advance in freepoint determination saves operator $500,000 of deepwater rig time.
Summary Real-Time Acoustic Evaluation of Cement Integrity Saves Operator USD 100,000
Summary Plug and perf operations address steep lateral incline - Chinese
Summary Plug and perf operations address steep lateral incline
Summary Operator Identifies Shallow Surface-Casing Corrosion Without Costly Workover
Summary Offshore Egypt Rigless Wireline Intervention Solution Adds 4,000 BOPD with Zero Water Production
Summary MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen Gun System delivers unsurpassed flow area with lowest gun debris in the Gulf of Mexico
Summary How Statoil determined tubing and annular integrity in a scaled and corroded completion
Summary High-temperature drilling and completions in the Haynesville Shale
Summary Halliburton collaboration saved operator over USD 500,000, while improving safety and efficiency
Summary Halliburton Technology Helps Identify Dual-String Casing Integrity in a Single Run
Summary Halliburton Helps Increase Oil Production for Kinder Morgan EOR Project
Summary Halliburton Electronic Firing System Saves USD 800,000 Per Well in a Single-Trip Completion
Summary Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool (CAST-I) Service
Summary CAST-XR™Tool Pushes the Limits of Circumferential Ultrasonic Cement Evaluation
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