Well Flow Diagnostics


Production Logging Tools
During production or injection profiling, a wide range of production logging tools are used for all type of downhole environments in  vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells. Standard Production Logging tools are completely modular and combinable with Array Production Logging sensors to provide accurate measurements of flow velocity, gas hold up, fluid velocity and other auxiliary measurements. These tools are conveyance independent and can be run in real time with E-line or in Memory Production Logging (MPL) mode with similar data quality

Flow Velocity Measurements 
Continuous flow meters, basket flow meters, full-bore flow meters and Inline Flow meters

Fluid Identification / Flow Composition Measurements
Gas holdup, capacitance water holdup, radioactive fluid density, differential pressure density, capacitance array

Flow Condition / Well Diagnostic Tools
Pressure, temperature, X-Y caliper, inclinometer correlation tools – gamma ray, casing collar locator

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Summary Successful Collaboration Between Halliburton and WEPCO Added 150% in Oil Daily Production Rate Mar 2018
Summary Offshore Egypt Rigless Wireline Intervention Solution Adds 4,000 BOPD with Zero Water Production Apr 2017
Summary Multi-Rate Multi-Zone Production Logging and Testing Provides Real-Time Insight for Stimulation Treatment Oct 2016
Summary ACX™ tool identifies low-rate gas leak in production casing, saving Caelus Energy Alaska USD 3 million May 2016
Summary Halliburton helped company optimize production with horizontal logging technology Sep 2012
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FracInsight® Analysis
The Halliburton FracInsight® Analysis is an unbiased repeatable software tool used to select perforation clusters and frac stage locations, based on the best available data along a horizontal well.
Memory Production Logging (MPLSM) Service
Memory Production Logging Service employs downhole memory to record accurate flow profiles and diagnostics, then plays back its captured data when tools are retrieved.
Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool
Find, analyze, and monitor to increase production. Our 2⅛-in. Reservoir Monitoring Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron service solves for water, oil, and gas saturations in reservoirs using three independent measurements of sigma, carbon-oxygen, and saturation gate (SATG). We can uniquely solve your reservoir’s most complex saturation profiles and fluid types—all while eliminating phase-saturation interdependency.
TMD3D™ (Thermal Multigate Decay - 3 Detector) Logging Tool
Thermal Multigate Decay-Lithology provides valuable information about formations, reservoirs, tool operation, and recovery techniques.
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