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At Halliburton, we believe teamwork is the key to success. That’s why our Wireline and Perforating team works hand-in-hand with your team to reduce the risks you face. Whether they’re as broad as a whole reservoir or as focused as your next wellbore, we cut NPT and help you save money.

Our technologies conquer both openhole and cased-hole challenges. More importantly, we deliver high-quality integrated services. That means our engineers share workflow with your engineers to deploy the right solution and deliver the most successful result.

Together, we will optimize productivity. Talk with us. Day after day, project after project, our solutions are hands-on, reliable and responsive.

Advancing Technologies, Delivering Results

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Summary The Halliburton Xaminer™ Coring Tool retrieved 71 sidewall core Sep 2015
Summary Oil giant overcame salt structure and saved $10 million with look-ahead borehole seismic Sep 2015
Summary Larger cores help provide operators a better understanding of reservoir dynamics Sep 2015
Summary Halliburton helped set bridge plug in high-pressure environment at record depth Sep 2015
Summary Halliburton helped company optimize production with horizontal logging technology Sep 2015
Summary Increased Production in Mature Well Sep 2015
Summary Triple-Jet™ Perforating System Sep 2015
Summary Armstrong Louisiana, LLC set new temperature record during pressure test in South Louisiana Sep 2015
Summary Halliburton provided reliable data from gas-cut cement when no one else could Sep 2015
Summary World’s first acoustic firing head system allows safer and more flexible TCP operations Aug 2015
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Xaminer® Sonic Service

Xaminer® Sonic Service

The Xaminer® Sonic service provides simultaneous monopole and crossed-dipole sonic information.
Xaminer® Sonic Service

MaxForce® Flow Deepwater Gun Systems Solutions

Take a look at the industry leader in hole size and lowest debris!

DeepSuite™ Deepwater Solutions

Halliburton now has a full complement of wireline and perforating technologies that give you industry-leading capabilities specifically for deepwater formation evaluation.
Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D)

Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™

The Halliburton Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron tool solves for water, oil, and gas saturations within reservoirs using three independent measurements (Sigma, CO, and SATG).

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