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At Halliburton, we believe teamwork is the key to success. That’s why our Wireline and Perforating team works hand-in-hand with your team to reduce the risks you face. Whether they’re as broad as a whole reservoir or as focused as your next wellbore, we cut NPT and help you save money.

Our technologies conquer both openhole and cased-hole challenges. More importantly, we deliver high-quality integrated services. That means our engineers share workflow with your engineers to deploy the right solution and deliver the most successful result.

Together, we will optimize productivity. Talk with us. Day after day, project after project, our solutions are hands-on, reliable and responsive.

Advancing Technologies, Delivering Results

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Summary Formation evaluation in a deviated well with multiple zones and tight formations Jan 2015
Summary How Synergy saved time and increased proppant Nov 2014
Summary Revolutionary advance in freepoint determination saves operator $500,000 of deepwater rig time. Aug 2014
Summary New CoreVault™ system helps operator confirm 2.5X more gas in place than expected Jul 2014
Summary Halliburton DPU® Actuated Tubing Perforator helps operator improve safety, logistics and costs May 2014
Summary Exploring one of the world's largest natural gas finds in an area with no oilfield infrastructure Apr 2014
Summary New technology repeatedly provided incident-free perforating in wells with high risk of pump-off Feb 2014
Summary Obtaining laboratory-quality fluid analysis downhole Jan 2014
Summary Norway: Shallow Gas Isolation - Exploration Well Nov 2013
Summary Norway: Top of Cement Isolation of Gas Zone on Subsea Field Nov 2013
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DeepSuite™ Deepwater Solutions

Halliburton now has a full complement of wireline and perforating technologies that give you industry-leading capabilities specifically for deepwater formation evaluation.
Reservoir Innovations

Reservoir Innovations

Welcome to Reservoir Innovations, the technical publication from Halliburton Wireline and Perforating.
Reservoir Innovations

Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory

As Close as You Can Get to Real-World Conditions. The Halliburton Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory helps you understand how a perforator actually performs under extreme downhole conditions.
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Related Information


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