Seal Stack Assembly

Reliably Isolate Zones in Areas Where Packers Are Not Viable

Halliburton's Seal Stack Assembly isolates individual zones in SmartWell® intelligent completions in applications where it is not possible or desirable to use packers for isolation. The Seal Stack Assembly enables bypass of control lines to communicate with equipment installed lower in the completion string.

Typical applications for the Seal Stack Assembly are gravel pack or expandable sand screen (ESS) completions, in which the Seal Stack Assembly will stab into a polished bore to provide isolation between different reservoir intervals in the sand face completion. This ability is based on the use of a stack of robust bonded seal rings arranged along the length of the assembly.


  • Install above interval control valves (ICVs) and permanent downhole gauges (PDGs)
  • Isolate reservoir intervals without the requirement for a packer
  • Eliminate need for setting/release system


  • Simple, effective design
  • Multiple sets of bonded seals
  • Bypass for up to six control lines
  • Field-proven reliability and durability


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Related Information

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