eMotion®-HS Remotely Operated Circulating Valve

eMotion®-HS remotely operated circulating valve provides high circulation rates without the need for any interventions during completion deployment - saving time and helping to reduce risk

Permanently deployed above a set production packer as part of the tubing string, the eMotion-HS circulating valve allows remote control over the flow of well fluids between the tubing and the annulus without the need for any interventions or surface control lines - saving rig-time, costs, and helping to reduce risk.

  • Remotely operated time-after-time 
    Eliminates multiple interventions during completion operations - saving time, money, and helping reduce risk
  • Large tubing and annular ports 
    Allows for fasterpump rates, providing safer and more efficient circulation of well fluids
  • Run open or closed
    Provides flexible deployment options and well control while running-in-hole
  • No dedicated personnel required
    Reducing the number of operation personnel - helping to save costs and reduce risk
  • Metal-to-metal carbide seal 
    Debris tolerant, V0 rated seal is capable of withstanding high circulation rates
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