Remote Open Close Technology

Halliburton's range of Remote Open Close Technology (ROCT) products are designed to simplify well operations by removing wireline runs - making the operation more efficient. The field-proven technology replaces traditional wireline plug and prong equipment, dramatically reducing the number of, or in some cases eliminating all wireline runs from an operation. As a consequence, the technology helps reduce risk and save time by reducing the need to rig-up wireline and all the associated pressure control equipment.
eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Control Unit
eMotion®-HS Remotely Operated Circulating Valve
eMotion®-LV Remotely Operated Isolation Barrier Valve
eRED® Ball Valve
Evo-RED® Bridge Plug
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Summary eMotion®-HS Remotely Operated Circulating Valve Aug 2018
Summary Evo-RED® Bridge Plug Aug 2018
Summary Distinctive Service Quality Jul 2018
Summary eRED® Valve Provides Efficiencies and Time Savings in Downhole Operations Jul 2018
Summary eRED® Valves Save 88 Hours of Rig Time for Upper Completion Project Jun 2018
Summary Remote Open Close Technology Jun 2018
Summary Completion Tools Overview Feb 2018
Summary eRED® Valve Replaces Ball-Drop Method to Set Hydraulic Packer Sep 2017
Summary Flexibility of eRED® Valve Aids Success of Acid Stimulation Operation Aug 2017
Summary eMotion® Remotely Operated Downhole Control Unit Aug 2017
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Over 500 eRED® Valve Runs!

Remote Open Close Technology has completed over 500 eRED® valve runs, making this a new milestone! 
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