Direct Hydraulics Downhole Control System

Remotely Actuate Downhole Flow Control Devices Using Direct Hydraulic Control Lines from Surface

Halliburton's Direct Hydraulics downhole control system uses direct hydraulic control lines from the surface to remotely actuate downhole flow control devices such as interval control valves (ICVs).

The Direct Hydraulics downhole control system also provides on/off variable control of flow into or out of reservoir intervals, and can be used in onshore, platform, or subsea applications.

The Direct Hydraulics downhole control system cannot be used where infinitely variable choking or a fully-redundant system is required.


  • Control reservoir intervals without costly intervention
  • Eliminate dependence on mechanical or pneumatic spring return mechanisms to open and close the ICV using high positive force
  • Use in onshore, platform or subsea applications


  • Can be used to control all Halliburton hydraulic flow control equipment
  • Provides all-hydraulic control
  • Reduces number of control lines with a networking option
  • Operates as a closed-loop system
  • Requires no setting depth
  • Networking option is available to reduce the number of control lines required


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