Chemical Injection Systems

Chemical Injection Mandrel

The Halliburton chemical injection system provides operators with precise wellbore chemical management to help optimize production as well as help reduce the need for costly interventions. The system features either high- or low-profile mandrels, dual check valves, corrosion-resistant injection lines, and standard cast or pressed-steel cable protectors that secure control lines while running in-hole.

Optimize production with chemical management

The Halliburton chemical injection system enables operators to address asphaltines, corrosion, emulsions, foaming, hydrates, paraffin, scale, and scavengers. Two types of chemical injection mandrels are available on the system: a robust, machined, non-welded, one-piece mandrel for all applications, including deepwater; or a welded pup-joint mandrel for low-risk environments like shallow, non-deviated wells or land applications.


  • Custom mandrels for high- or low-profile applications
  • Dual check valves available with different cracking pressures
  • Injection lines of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel or Incoloy® alloy 825.
  • Standard cast or pressed-steel cable protectors
  • Installation services, including multi-line spooling
  • Subsea, platform and land applications

Key benefits

  • Maintains flow assurance
  • Optimizes production
  • Helps reduce costly interventions
  • Corrosion-resistant injection lines
  • Redundant checks
CheckStream® Chemical Injection System
The Halliburton CheckStream® system is a downhole chemical injection system featuring a dual redundant check valve installed and protected by an industry-standard mandrel chassis.
Multiline Spooling
This service consists of a variety of spooling units, sheave packages, offshore control cabins, clamping kits, engineered clamp boxes and hydraulic pressure unit.

Chemical Injection Systems

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