Dash® 3” Subsea Safety System

Deep water continues to demand efficient, cost-effective solutions – from manufacturing through operation. The current designs of electrohydraulic control systems are large and complex, making them slow to produce, difficult to maneuver offshore, and inefficient to redress and maintain after each run.

The Dash 3" Subsea Safety System is an all-new EH system for exploration and appraisal applications. The system is simple to test and simple to assemble. It isolates the well in less than 10 seconds and disconnects from the lower landing string in less than 15 seconds. Its unique design moves away from complicated fixed piping, toward a simple bolt-on design, greatly reducing maintenance time and resulting in one of the shortest systems on the market.

Integration and efficiency advances continue to provide valuable savings in deep water. The Dash system integrates with the acoustic RezConnect® Well Test System to provide a seamless conduit for dialogue with the reservoir. It enables our customers to maximize their asset value with real-time control, measurement and analysis.

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Related Information

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