RezConnect® Well Testing System

The RezConnect® Well Testing System is the industry's FIRST fully acoustically actuated Drill Stem Test (DST) system offering a complete well testing solution for acoustic control of DST tools, with measurement and analysis of well-test data in real-time.

There are six products that are part of the RezConnect offering. 

The DynaLink® Telemetry System is an acoustic telemetry system that allows real time bi-directional communication between downhole tools and the surface.  It serves as the conduit for data, controlling and providing feedback of the downhole tool functions enhancing the operator’s connection with the well.

The ProPhase™ Well Test Valve is a telemetry controlled, electrohydraulic well test valve combining the functionality of both a tester and circulating valve.  Like the other downhole tools in the RezConnect system, it has built in redundancy which is the ability to be activated with annulus pressure “profiles.”

The Armada® Sampling System collects up to 3.6L of representative reservoir fluid and leads the industry in numerous areas including HPHT environments.  As part of the RezConnect system, the Armada can be activated in three independent collection events using either acoustic control or annulus pressure. 

The TRACE DynaGauge™ is the industry’s first and only tool that provides real-time knowledge that representative reservoir fluid samples have been collected while the samplers are still downhole by monitoring the common nitrogen chamber in the Armada Sampling System.  With TRACE DynaGauge you have the capability to ensure your sampling objectives are achieved.

The CHAMP® Ion Retrievable Packer is the most recent addition to the RezConnect system.  It is an acoustically controlled multi-set packer ideal for high rig heave offshore environments.  The CHAMP Ion packer can be acoustically set multiple times in a single trip enabling multi-zone treating, testing, or squeezing and provides real-time feedback for greater packer setting confidence.

The WiFire™ Acoustic Firing Head enables activation of tubing conveyed perforating guns and confirm initiation of the explosive train.  Built in safety mechanisms and redundancy provide the highest level of safety.  The system can be run along with other firing heads for further flexibility and control.

Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on New Technology Award

Each year, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) recognizes innovative technologies with the Spotlight on New Technology℠ Award, showcasing the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future. At the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference, the RezConnect Well Testing System was awarded the "OTC Spotlight on New Technology."

You can make informed decisions faster with the RezConnect system maximizing your asset value and minimizing operational risk.

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RezConnect® Well Testing System
RezConnect® Well Testing System is a complete well testing solution for wireless control of downhole drill stem test (DST) tools, realtime measurement and analysis of reservoir data.

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