Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is one of the most important objectives of well testing. While the equipment used to perform a well test has improved technologically over the years, the need to acquire data remains the same. Halliburton has worked continuously to develop its data acquisition portfolio to ensure reliability, accuracy, and easy access to information as it is being measured.

DynaLink™ Telemetry System
Halliburton's latest innovation in surface readout telemetry utilizing wireline or completely wireless. The DynaLink™ telemetry system provides operators with pertinent and timely data from downhole sensors by operating as a real time wireless sensor and actuator network using acoustic energy in the tubing string.
DynaMem® Electronic Memory Gauges
Halliburton offers a line of robust gauges with proven track records for reliability—all designed to meet a variety of customer needs.
Mechanical Integrity Testing
State and Federal agencies require scheduled Mechanical Integrity Tests (MIT) of wells used for the underground disposal of hazardous materials.
SPIDR® - Self Powered Intelligent Data Retriever
SPIDR® is an acronym for Self Powered Intelligent Data Retriever.
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Related Information

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